Friday, August 13, 2010

First Blog

I guess I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Derek, I'm 22 and i enjoy long walks on the beach? But pretty much all my friends including some of my relative (especially my mom) all call me Derkka. The way i got that nickname is not from Team America as alot of people will reference (Derkka Derkka Mohhamid Jihad) . It was actually a good friend of mine when we were at another friends birthday party. We were both pretty sloshed at the time and he had a hard time saying my name, as if its hard to say in the first place, and instead of saying Derek, it came out as Derkka.

I consider myself an avid gamer of both PC games, but lately been playing a lot of console games on the Xbox 360 (Derkka88 is my GT). And this is one of my main reasons for the blog, I have my own youtube channel and i currently host a live stream on whenever i feel i want to do a live stream. I figured this could be a more personal way of connecting with more people since I haven't figured out how to do the whole twitter thing nor will i ever really try and do it.

If you want, stop by and check out my youtube, i mainly post little funny clips, game play montages and just recently got into doing commentary's.

Live stream

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